High-Efficiency Cogeneration
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Solar photovoltaic panels
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Roof-top/local wind turbines
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Small-scale local hydro power
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Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles
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COGEN Industries Council (CIC)
The COGEN Industries Council (CIC) is comprised of WADE member companies and supporting organizations that work to advance cogeneration and all related technologies such as trigeneration, district heating and cooling and waste heat to power. More »

Evaluating the Benefits of Greater Global Investment
Decentralized Energy

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August 2013

Sochi to substations

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Exec. Summary
The Potential for Clean DE and CHP in China

More for Less: How Decentralized Energy can Deliver Cleaner, Cheaper and More Efficient Energy in Nigeria
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» Calling WADE Members
4th IGU WOC5 Meeting
April 28-30, 2014
Algiers, Algeria
The International Gas Union is an important global organization focused on the natural gas industry and WOC5 is the working group that addresses gas utilization technologies such as CHP. If you are a WADE member company and interested in representing WADE at this upcoming meeting in Algiers please contact David Sweet at dsweet@localpower.org.
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International Energy Agency CHP/DHC Collaborative & Clean Energy Ministerial CHP/DHC Working Group Joint Strategic Workshop
27-28 May 2014
Room D
OECD Headquarters, Paris
WADE works with the IEA on this important global initiative to advance CHP and district energy. If you are a WADE member company and interested in representing WADE at this upcoming meeting in Paris please contact David Sweet at dsweet@localpower.org.
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2nd India Smart Grid Summit 2014 (WADE Members receive 15% discount)
24-25 April 2014
New Delhi, India: With massive investment happening across the region India Smart Grid Summit 2014 has been developed to profile major smart grid projects and define the key issues, benefits and challenges associated with the latest technologies, systems and materials available.
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Geothermal Power Indonesia
 April 21st - April 24th 2014.
Jakarta - Indonesia: Geothermal Power Indonesia will bring together geothermal decision makers to discuss strategies to overcome the challenges and accelerate the development of the largely untapped geothermal resources in Indonesia.
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9th Deepwater China Convention 2014
 April 23rd - April 24th 2014.
Shenzhen - China: CDMC Events will be presenting the 9th Deepwater China Convention 2014 on April 23-24, 2014 in Shenzhen, China. It's one of the largest and most reputable deepwater industry event in Asia Pacific
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Euroheat & Power Annual Conference & 60th Anniversary
 28th-29th April 2014
Brussels - Belgium: In 2014, the energy policy world will start to move forward, with a push towards new climate and energy targets prompting a renewed discussion on the value of energy in Europe.
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NGR April 29 Luncheon - EIA Administrator Adam Sieminski
  April 29th 2014.
Washington, DC, USA: The Natural Gas Roundtable is pleased to announce that EIA Administrator Adam Sieminski will be the guest speaker at the Tuesday, April 29th luncheon.
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2nd Annual Digital Grids & Smart Cities Summit
5th-6th May 2014
Riyadh - Saudi Arabia: The 2nd Annual Digital Grids & Smart Cities Summit, on 5 - 6 May 2014, In Riyadh, KSA offers a unique platform to overcome the hurdles and challenges faced in the development of the Digital Grids and Smart Cities
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2nd Annual DC (District Cooling) Stakeholders Summit
5th-6th May 2014
Dubai - United Arab Emirates: Fleming Gulf's Utilities division at its 2nd Annual DC (District Cooling) Stakeholders Summit 2014 is bringing together leading DC industry practitioners who have grown the market to what it is today along with with solution providers who will showcase their expertise in the DC industry.
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3rd Annual Power & Desalination Summit
  12th-13th May 2014
Doha - Qatar: Now in its 3rd successful year, join us at the Power & Desalination Summit between 12 - 13 May 2014, Doha, State Of Qatar. We have opportunities for you to participate as a Delegate / Sponsor / Exhibitor / Partner as per your business requirements. We could also provide you with tailored packages / group packages as per your organization's requirements.
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4th Annual Gulf Waste Water Summit
  19th-20th May 2014
Dubai - United Arab Emirates: As we look into the future, water resource is likely to get worse in the coming years. Prudent countries are now working on waste-water treatment and reuse as an additional water resource in their national water resource management plans.
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Decentralised Energy 14 Forum
  27th- 30th May 2014
London - United Kingdom(Great Britain): Access the entire supply chain & information needed to develop a robust business case for onsite energy production in the UK; secure supply, save money, & create new revenue streams which benefit your community.
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8th Annual Gas Turbines
 27th- 30th May 2014
Singapore: Gas turbines are increasingly being used in power generation and process applications in utility sector as well as in LNG compression. Its critical role in a plant makes the operation and maintenance procedures extremely important to the overall profit.
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11th Asia Gas Congress 2014
  29th-30th May 2014
Beijing - China: CDMC Events will be presenting the 11th Asia Gas Congress on May29-30, 2014 in Beijing China. As the Asian largest conference organizer, CDMC Events has held the Asia Gas Congress for 10 times and got high praise. This congress will gather over 30 influential speakers, and more than 200 participants
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7th Unconventional Hydrocarbons Summit 2014
 29th-30th May 2014
Beijing - China: CDMC Events will be presenting the 7th Unconventional Hydrocarbons Summit on May 29-30, 2014 in Beijing China. This conference is an eminent yearly event, following the development of China unconventional oil and gas industry trend closely.
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C4CE Community Energy Congress 2014
  16th-17th June 2014
Canberra - Australia: Across Australia, communities are coming together to pursue genuine sustainability opportunities, and few are as compelling as community energy projects. Communities are leading the way in creating sustainable energy enterprises that increase local energy security, create regional community development opportunities, and directly act to reduce carbon emissions.
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2nd Asia OSV Summit 2014
  19th-20th June 2014
Shanghai - China: CDMC Events will be presenting the 2nd Asia OSV Summit 2014 be held in Shanghai, China on the June 19-20, 2014. It will be a one-stop platform to discuss OSV market and a great opportunity for new business development.
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Kingdom Trigeneration Summit
  September 2014
Riyadh - Saudi Arabia: With the rising concern for creating sustainable and efficient infrastructures, the race has got faster to explore, experiment and implement cost effective technologies.
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4th Annual Smart Grids & Smart Meters Summit
  16h-17th September 2014
Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates: With a solid background and rich experience in organizing high value Utility Conferences, Fleming Gulf is delighted to announce the 4th Annual Smart Grids And Smart Meters Summit : Gateway To A Smart Future
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5th Annual Green Mobility Convention
 30th-31st October 2014
Beijing - China: CDMC Events will be presenting the 5th Annual Green Mobility Convention 2014 on Oct 30-31, 2014 in Beijing, China. It's one of the largest and most reputable green mobility industry event in Asia Pacific
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3rd Annual Global IWPP Summit
 November 2013
Dubai - United Arab Emirates: The aim of the 3rd Annual Global IWPP Summit would be to look at the important aspects of partnership projects between Investors, Technology Providers and Key Government
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6th Annual Middle East District Cooling Summit
 10th-11th November 2013
Doha - Qatar: Following the success of the 5th District Cooling Summit in Doha last November, Fleming Gulf is all set to host the 6th Middle East District Cooling Forum emphasizing on energy conservation
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3rd Annual Middle East Smart Cities Summit
 December 2013
Doha - Qatar : Fleming Gulf announces the 3rd Annual Middle East Smart Cities Summit to be organised in Doha, Qatar. The 3rd Middle East Smart Cities Summit this year, will be focusing its efforts in getting the attention of Municipalities and Government Authorities, public services and sectorial authorities
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In Search of WADE Research Projects and Proposals
USA - WADE has a long history of helping public and private sector institutions around the world understand and realize Decentralized Energy (DE) benefits and opportunities through its tradition of thorough and comprehensive research. In addition to WADE's regular publications, reports and market studies, WADE has participated in successful projects, conferences and educational campaigns, working with a range of governments, national and international organisations. WADE's contribution to these projects includes:
  1. WADE Economic Model - computer modeling of the economic and environmental impacts of DE in a specified area
  2. DE Potential Analysis - assessment of the potential for developing DE in a specified area
  3. DE Policy Best Practice Review - international overview of policy mechanisms for DE
  4. DE Technology Status Review - overview of the performance and market-readiness of DE technologies
  5. DE Project Best Practice Case Studies - overview of successful DE case study projects worldwide relevant to a specified area
  6. Education and Outreach Programs focusing on DE, environment and economic efficiency
Are you aware of any opportunities where WADE can bring its expertise to bear? Please contact WADE and let us know how we can help your company or organization. 

Authors and Articles Needed for COSPP 
USA - WADE serves as consulting editor of Cogeneration and On-Site Power Production (COSPP) Magazine (see: http://www.cospp.com) and is in need of high-quality articles for publication. If you would like to contribute an article please email us your ideas to info@localpower.org. Publication in COSPP provides an outstanding global platform to disseminate your research and case studies. In addition, if you would like to help us secure a Perspective article from a global energy leader on relevant policy and regional market developments, that also would be of great interest. Don't forget, you can subscribe to COSPP at no charge by going to http://www.cospp.com.