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Solar photovoltaic panels
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Roof-top/local wind turbines
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Small-scale local hydro power
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Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles
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COGEN Industries Council (CIC)
The COGEN Industries Council (CIC) is comprised of WADE member companies and supporting organizations that work to advance cogeneration and all related technologies such as trigeneration, district heating and cooling and waste heat to power. More »

Evaluating the Benefits of Greater Global Investment
Decentralized Energy

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May 2015

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'Global power plays - local power' for COSPP

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Exec. Summary
The Potential for Clean DE and CHP in China

More for Less: How Decentralized Energy can Deliver Cleaner, Cheaper and More Efficient Energy in Nigeria
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For immediate release:
April 27, 2015

Cogeneration Systems Provide Wide Range Of Economic And Environmental Benefits
Industry leaders and energy experts provide ample information and project case studies
Washington DC - The DistribuGen Conference and Trade Show for Cogeneration /CHP 2015 presented by the World Alliance for Decentralized Energy was held April 8 and 9 in Houston, Texas. This meeting and expo event is solely dedicated to industrial cogeneration, combined heat and power and waste heat to power technologies.
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WADE - DistribuGen Conference & Trade Show for Cogeneration/CHP 2015
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Business Tax Credits for CHP Projects Proposed in Texas
A bill filed in the Texas Legislature at the behest to the WADE Cogeneration Industries Council would add language to the state Tax Code creating a business tax credit deduction for combined heat and power (CHP) projects. The tax deduction would be equal to the existing deductions currently available for wind, solar and clean coal energy projects. The bill, HB 2500, defines a CHP project as one that provides the sequential generation of power and thermal energy with an overall efficiency of energy that exceeds sixty percent, and the bill language is written to include thermal energy storage systems (TES) and waste heat to power (WHP) systems as being a CHP project and therefore also qualifying for the tax credits.

The tax credits authorized by this bill may be significant. The State of Texas would allow tax credits for CHP projects to be computed in one of two ways: (1) the total cost of the system may be deducted from the company's taxable capital; or, (2) 10% of the system's cost may be deducted from the company's income. Both taxable capital and a company's income are taxed under the franchise tax, which is Texas's equivalent to a corporate tax.

The Texas Legislature convenes for only 140 days every two years and the current session is scheduled to end June 1, 2015. Hearings on the bill have not yet been scheduled but are anticipated to being in April. This bill will be a topic of conversation at the upcoming WADE DistribuGen Conference and Trade Show for Cogeneration/CHP 2015.
For more information contact Paul Cauduro, Director, Cogeneration Industries Council at pcauduro@localpower.org
WADE Comments on the EPA's Proposed Rule to Limit Carbon Emissions from Existing Power Plants
WADE recently joined forces with other industry members to submit comments to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on the proposed Carbon Pollution Emission Guidelines for Existing Stationary Sources: Electric Utility Generating Units (EGUs) under section 111 (d) of the Clean Air Act. The EPA rule is designed to cut carbon dioxide emissions from existing coal plants by as much as 30% by 2030 compared to 2005 levels. Nearly 2 million comments were submitted to the EPA on the proposed rule.

The rule is scheduled to be finalized in mid-2015 and then each state will have a year to design plans for meeting the emission reduction goals. Many industry members agreed that rule presented an opportunity to promote the energy efficiency and emissions saving benefits of cogeneration/CHP and other decentralized energy options.
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» Calling WADE Members
Natural Gas Roundtable Lunch - Chairman Timothy G. Massad, U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission
26th May 2015
The Natural Gas Roundtable is pleased to announce that Timothy G. Massad, Chairman of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission will be the guest speaker at the May 26 luncheon.

Timothy Massad was sworn-in as Chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission on June 5, 2014, after being confirmed by the United States Senate as Chairman and as a Commissioner of the CFTC. Previously, Mr. Massad was nominated by President Obama and confirmed by the U.S. Senate as the Assistant Secretary for Financial Stability at the U.S. Department of the Treasury.
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West Coast Energy Management Congress (EMC)
The World Alliance for Decentralized Energy (WADE) invites you to join us and visit our booth at the West Coast Energy Management Congress (EMC), hosted by Southern California Edison (SCE) on June 3-4, 2015 at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, CA. EMC is the largest energy management show on the west coast. With over 100 speakers on the conference program discussing end user success stories and practices and an expo where you can explore promising new technologies, compare energy supply and alternative energy options and learn more about innovative products & services. Consider attending the conference for a significant savings by entering in EMC15COS at checkout – www.energyevent.com and / or the expo at no charge by visiting
The Navigant Research report - Industrial Combined Heat and Power
Fuel Cell, Engine, and Turbine Technologies for Cogeneration in Industrial
Applications: Global Market Analysis and Forecasts'

Analyzes the global market potential for industrial CHP systems for a range of industrial applications - refineries, pulp and paper mills, food processing facilities, etc. - using technologies such as turbines, internal combustion engines, fuel cells, and Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) engines. The study includes in-depth assessments of 10 leading countries for the installation of industrial CHP systems and provides an outlook for increased fuel switching to natural gas. Global market forecasts for installed capacity and revenue, segmented by region, country, and scenario, extend through 2023. The report also examines the key market drivers and barriers related to industrial CHP and the main industry players engaged in this market. The cost of the report is discounted for WADE members. Contact Krystal Zayas-Wright krystal.zayas-wright@navigant.com or
+1 (720) 458-8814

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» Featured Events
NGR - Chairman Timothy G. Massad U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission
  26th May 2015
Washington DC, USA - The Natural Gas Roundtable is pleased to announce that Timothy G. Massad, Chairman of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission will be the guest speaker at the May 26 luncheon.
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EMC / West Coast Energy Management Congress Exhibits
  3rd - 4th June 2015
Long Beach, USA - Decision makers from business, industry and government must now seek integrated energy solutions - solutions which assure both a secure and affordable power supply, and effective management of energy-related costs.
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  9th - 11th June 2015
Amsterdam, Netherlands - POWER-GEN EUROPE 2015 will take place in Amsterdam, alongside Renewable Energy World Europe conference and exhibition
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Modern Scada Systems
  9th - 11th June 2015
Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Energy and power is crucial in fueling the economic growth, so is the power systems and SCADA systems in place that ensure safe, reliable and efficient automated production of electricity and goods.
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The 5th China International Distributed Energy and Energy Storage Technology and Equipment Expo
  15th - 17th June 2015
Beijing, China - In recent years, our country pays more and more attention to the problems of environment and enhances the energy conservation and emissions reduction.
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EmpowerActive Transforming Healthcare into the Future 2015
  17th - 19th June 2015
Atlantic City, USA - Join experts from the energy & healthcare communities at Eneractive Solutions' inaugural conference & tradeshow: Empoweractive2015.
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4th Annual Asia Pacific District Cooling Forum
  25th - 27th August 2015
Bangkok, Thailand - Supported by leading industry participants in the past, Fleming Gulf's DC Conference is an international platform to present and discuss the latest developments in the application of District Cooling (DC) in Asia Pacific.
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Microgen IV, The 4th International Conference on Microgeneration and Related Technologies
  28th - 30th October 2015
Tokyo - Abstract submission has just started! You are kindly encouraged to submit on-line a short summary of your intended contributions through the conference official website by 28 February 2015. Your abstracts will be reviewed and accepted abstracts will be notified on 31 March 2015 at the latest.
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In Search of WADE Research Projects and Proposals
USA - WADE has a long history of helping public and private sector institutions around the world understand and realize Decentralized Energy (DE) benefits and opportunities through its tradition of thorough and comprehensive research. In addition to WADE's regular publications, reports and market studies, WADE has participated in successful projects, conferences and educational campaigns, working with a range of governments, national and international organisations. WADE's contribution to these projects includes:
  1. WADE Economic Model - computer modeling of the economic and environmental impacts of DE in a specified area
  2. DE Potential Analysis - assessment of the potential for developing DE in a specified area
  3. DE Policy Best Practice Review - international overview of policy mechanisms for DE
  4. DE Technology Status Review - overview of the performance and market-readiness of DE technologies
  5. DE Project Best Practice Case Studies - overview of successful DE case study projects worldwide relevant to a specified area
  6. Education and Outreach Programs focusing on DE, environment and economic efficiency
Are you aware of any opportunities where WADE can bring its expertise to bear? Please contact WADE and let us know how we can help your company or organization. 

Authors and Articles Needed for COSPP 
USA - WADE serves as consulting editor of Cogeneration and On-Site Power Production (COSPP) Magazine (see: http://www.cospp.com) and is in need of high-quality articles for publication. If you would like to contribute an article please email us your ideas to info@localpower.org. Publication in COSPP provides an outstanding global platform to disseminate your research and case studies. In addition, if you would like to help us secure a Perspective article from a global energy leader on relevant policy and regional market developments, that also would be of great interest. Don't forget, you can subscribe to COSPP at no charge by going to http://www.cospp.com.