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COGEN Industries Council (CIC)
The COGEN Industries Council (CIC) is comprised of WADE member companies and supporting organizations that work to advance cogeneration and all related technologies such as trigeneration, district heating and cooling and waste heat to power. More »

Evaluating the Benefits of Greater Global Investment
Decentralized Energy

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October 2014

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'Global power plays - local power' for COSPP

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Exec. Summary
The Potential for Clean DE and CHP in China

More for Less: How Decentralized Energy can Deliver Cleaner, Cheaper and More Efficient Energy in Nigeria
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» Press Release
For immediate release:
23th September 2014

Decentralized Energy Delivers Disruptive Impact to Energy Markets - Implications and Opportunities to be Examined
Washington, DC, USA - The World Alliance for Decentralized Energy (WADE) will bring together energy experts and industry leaders to examine the future of decentralized energy in the new utility marketplace. The impacts of decentralized energy on the market has vexed many energy experts and has led to a wide variety of changes that have been both scorned and applauded by energy consumers of all sizes.
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» WADE in Action
WADE Member George Berbari, CEO of DC Pro Engineering and David Sweet Recently Co-Chaired the Asia Pacific District Cooling Conference in Kuala Lumpur. The Conference Included a Site Visit to the University Kebangsaan District Cooling System.
WADE Presents at Sm@rt Cities 2014
Mumbai, India: David Sweet, executive director, WADE presented at the 2 day Sm@rt Cities Summit held from 22 & 23 August. The summit looked at the move of Smart Cities into the mainstream as the new central government manifests commitment of finance and policy to smart city development, deployment of smart city protocols, operating platforms and acceptance of smart technologies as the norm in transport, energy, development, assisted living and security in cities. Mr. Sweet was part of the panel 'Smart Energy' which discussed how innovation in energy will drive sustainability.
WADE at Leadership Awards Dinner Hosted by African Energy Association
Washington, DC, USA: On August 5, the African Energy Association hosted its much-anticipated Africa-US Leadership Awards Dinner held in conjunction with President Obama's US-Africa Leaders Summit to bring African and American energy sector leaders together and to honor several of its outstanding figures. Two members of the United States Congress, Representative Karen Bass and Representative Gregory Meeks, were recognized for their unflagging support for expanded trade with and investment in Africa. In addition, two private sector leaders - Benedict Peters, Executive Vice President of Aiteo Group, and Dr. James Mwangi, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Equity Bank Group - were honored for their impressive individual achievements: under their guidance, their respective companies have become market leaders driving innovation and progress far beyond their industries and national borders.
PUC of Texas Examines Impact of the EPA Climate Rule
The Public Utility Commission of Texas recently held a hearing to delve into the EPA's emissions guidelines for section 111(d) of the Clean Air Act (CAA). These guidelines are for states to follow in developing plans to address greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from existing fossil fuel-fired electric generating units (EGUs). At this hearing many utility owners and operators, as well as others, predicted that the rule would drastically impair the robust Texas economy and lead to higher electricity costs for residents.

The hearing was important to Texas policy leaders because in recent years the State of Texas has filed lawsuits against the EPA in order to stop it from enforcing regulations aimed at reducing power plant pollution and more legal action is being contemplated in this case.

Following the hearing the PUC invited stakeholders to submit written comments on the proposed guidelines. WADE's Cogeneration Industry Council (CIC) submitted comments. The CIC's comments did not stray into the consumer costs or legal questions surrounding the EPA actions, but rather identified the proven environmental and job creation impacts of adding more cogeneration into the state's energy mix. For more information about the CIC or the comments submitted in Texas call (512) 705-9996 or email at
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EPA Carbon Rule Comment Deadline Extended
Washington, DC - USA: Last week the EPA extended the time to submit public to comment on the carbon emissions rule aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions at existing power plants 30 percent by 2030 from 2005 levels. The Environmental Protection Agency's head of the Air and Radiation Office, Janet McCabe, said the agency would extend the comment period another 45 days. Stakeholders now have until December 1 to submit comments on the rule. The EPA started with a 120-day public comment period, which is twice the typical 60 days afforded federal regulation. The deadline was extended after a group of 53 senators and many industry stakeholders claimed that the extension was needed due to the "complexity and magnitude of the proposed rule".

With the comment extension now in place is becomes unclear if the EPA can still move forward with its goal of implementing the rule in June 2015, but McCabe stated that the EPA still has "plenty of time" to finish the rule and is "still working towards a June deadline."

This topic will be addressed at the WADE Annual Meeting and DistribuGen Conference. Members wishing to participate in the comment process are urged to contact pcauduro@localpower.org.
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» Calling WADE Members
Power Generation and Fuel Flexibility for Oil & Gas and CHP Applications Utilizing Small Gas Turbines
OPRA Turbines is pleased to invite you to join our free webinar. Register to hear about the technology from OPRA Turbines Chief Development Engineer and case studies from Application and Project Engineers. Familiarize yourself with smaller gas turbine technology and gain ideas and solutions for your projects or studies. You are welcome to pass on this invite to anyone you feel might find this interesting.

Key learning objectives:
  • Learn about fuel flexible and clean gas turbine power. Learn about challenges of fuels and how to benefit from this exemplified with case studies. Operation on untreated wellhead gas offshore and onshore with case studies.
  • Learn about the new OP16 3C gas turbine and lean fuel applications.
  • Learn about the advantages of combined heat and power (CHP). Learn about the basic layout of a CHP system and options for the use of the exhaust heat. Learn about the advantages of CHP with the OP16 gas turbine.
  • Learn about radial gas turbines. Understand how smaller gas turbines can be beneficial for changing markets.
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Funding Opportunity for CHP Technical Assistance and Outreach Contractors for services in New York -- NYSERDA
RFP 2930 Technical and Logistic Support for the CHP Acceleration Program
New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Acceleration Program (PON 2568) supports the installation of clean and efficient CHP systems in the 50 kW to 1.3 MW size range. In order to support this program, this RFP invites proposals under three (3) Technical Assistance categories as follows:
  • Category A - Event Logistics Contractor: Manage the logistics of a series of CHP Expos and other events aimed at promoting the program with building owners and property managers,
  • Category B - Technical Assistance/Outreach Contractor: Provide outreach and technical assistance to potential CHP users to encourage the adoption of CHP where appropriate, and to assist them to navigate the process of acquiring CHP systems and services, and
  • Category C - Technical Advisor Contractor: Provide technical services and advice to guide NYSERDA’s ongoing refinements of the program.
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Save the Dates
October 28, 2014
Lunch meeting with the Natural Gas Roundtable at noon at the University Club of Washington, DC

October 29, 2014
Global Gas Council Meeting at the Organization of American States

Attendance is by invitation only. For prospective corporate attendees please contact the Secretariat for further information:
Phone: +1 202 667-5600
E-mail: secretariat@globalgascouncil.org

This Meeting will be held with the support of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago and the Minister of Energy and Energy Affairs, The Honorable Kevin Ramnarine and The Embassy of Trinidad and Tobago to the United States and His Excellency Dr. Neil Parsan.

Natural Gas Roundtable - Senator the Hon. Kevin C. Ramnarine Minister of Energy & Energy Affairs, Trinidad and Tobago
Washington, DC - USA: The Natural Gas Roundtable is pleased to announce that Kevin Ramnarine, Minister of Energy & Energy Affairs, Trinidad and Tobago will be the guest speaker at the Tuesday, October 28th luncheon.
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WADE Annual Meeting & DistribuGen Conference and NYSERDA CHP Expo
A report issued last month by global wealth management powerhouse UBS stated that "Power is no longer something that is exclusively produced by huge, centralized units owned by large utilities. By 2025, everybody will be able to produce and store power. And it will be green and cost competitive, ie, not more expensive or even cheaper than buying power from utilities." This bold statement about the future of decentralized energy comes from a 150-year old institution known for their business and investment advice and is one of the many perspectives that will be discussed at the WADE Annual Meeting &DistribuGen Conference in Tarrytown, NY beginning October 15.

The conference agenda features a wide-range of topics and high-profile speakers including decentralized energy investment approaches and opportunities led by Nick McKee, Head of Corporate Banking, Bank of America, and John Lange, Head of Power M&A and Power Corporate Finance, Barclays Capital. The topic of how investor-owned utilities view decentralized energy systems will be addressed by Thomas Kuhn, President of the Edison Electric Institute, in a keynote address titled "The Challenges and Opportunities of the Evolving Distribution System," and the steps needed to increase deployment of microgrid and distributed generation systems will be discussed by former CIA Director turned decentralized energy advocate Robert James Woolsey Jr, in his presentation titled "Energy-Security-Resiliency - Rationale for a New Utility Paradigm." We may want to mention sponsors as well.

All WADE members and non-members are invited to attend this important energy event. To view the entire agenda and register go to www.localpower.org. For information about sponsoring and exhibiting call (512) 705-9996 or email at info@localpower.org.
The Navigant Research report - Industrial Combined Heat and Power
Fuel Cell, Engine, and Turbine Technologies for Cogeneration in Industrial
Applications: Global Market Analysis and Forecasts'

Analyzes the global market potential for industrial CHP systems for a range of industrial applications - refineries, pulp and paper mills, food processing facilities, etc. - using technologies such as turbines, internal combustion engines, fuel cells, and Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) engines. The study includes in-depth assessments of 10 leading countries for the installation of industrial CHP systems and provides an outlook for increased fuel switching to natural gas. Global market forecasts for installed capacity and revenue, segmented by region, country, and scenario, extend through 2023. The report also examines the key market drivers and barriers related to industrial CHP and the main industry players engaged in this market. The cost of the report is discounted for WADE members. Contact Krystal Zayas-Wright krystal.zayas-wright@navigant.com or
+1 (720) 458-8814

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» Featured Events
5th Regional Energy Conference
  28th - 29th October 2014
Sofia, Bulgaria - Considering the new energy situation in South East Europe and increased attention to its energy security the Program Committee of the Conference formulate next goals of the event.
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Natural Gas Roundtable - Senator the Hon. Kevin C. Ramnarine Minister of Energy & Energy Affairs, Trinidad and Tobago
  28th October 2014
Washington, DC - USA - The Natural Gas Roundtable is pleased to announce that Kevin Ramnarine, Minister of Energy & Energy Affairs, Trinidad and Tobago will be the guest speaker at the Tuesday, October 28th luncheon.
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Second Meeting of the Global Gas Council
  29th October 2014
Washington, DC - USA - It is my pleasure to inform you about the “Second Meeting of the Global Gas Council” on October 29, 2014 at the Main Building of the Organization of American States (OAS), 17th Street NW and Constitution Avenue NW, Washington, DC.
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5th Annual Green Mobility Convention
  30th - 31st October 2014
Beijing, China - CDMC Events will be presenting the 5th Annual Green Mobility Convention 2014 on Oct 30-31, 2014 in Beijing, China.
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3rd Annual Global IWPP Summit
  04th - 06th November 2014
Dubai, United Arab Emirates - The aim of the 3rd Annual Global IWPP Summit would be to look at the important aspects of partnership projects between Investors, Technology Providers and Key Government Personnel/Ministries.
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6th Annual Middle East District Cooling Summit
  10th - 11th November 2014
Doha, Qatar - Following the success of the 5th District Cooling Summit in Doha last November, Fleming Gulf is all set to host the 6th Middle East District Cooling Forum emphasizing on energy conservation
More info »
National Energy Efficiency Conference 2014
  11th - 12th November 2014
Sydney, Australia - The National Energy Efficiency Conference 2014, run by the Energy Efficiency Council, is Australia's premier annual event for energy efficiency, demand-management and cogeneration.
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5th Green Vehicle Convention 2014
  12th - 14th November 2014
Beijing, China - Asia's Premier Green Vehicle Event for Innovation and Excellence 2014.
Key Issues to be Discussed Including:
National Policy Guidance on New Energy Vehicles Development
More info »
The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Forum
  17th - 18th November 2014
Doha, Qatar - The Energy & Water Nexus In The Arab World.
Energy Efficient Qatar: Kahramaa's Advancements Toward Energy Effieciecy & Conservation Initiatives For The State of Qatar - Aims & Objectives & Futuristic Goals
More info »
3rd Annual Middle East Smart Cities Summit
  18th - 19th November 2014
Doha, Qatar - Summit Overview Following the success of the 2nd Annual Middle East Smart Cities Summit that concluded in December last year, Fleming Gulf announces the 3rd Annual Middle East Smart Cities Summit to be organised on the 18-19 November 2014 in Doha, Qatar.
More info »
APPrO 2014 - Transformation Underway
  18th - 19th November 2014
Toronto, Canada - The Canadian electric power industry is facing unstoppable change. The interaction of new technology, new market participants, and new regulatory rules will shape the restructuring ahead. In a sector that thrives on both innovation and long-term stability, little will remain untouched.
More info »
Americas Increasing Reliance on Natural Gas: Benefits and Risks of a Methane Economy
  19th - 20th November 2014
Texas, USA - Gain insights from a diverse group of experts from the geoscience, finance, and infrastructure sectors and explore natural gas and the future U.S. energy mix.
More info »
Power Southeast Asia Conference & Exhibition 2014
  26th - 28th November 2014
Jakarta, Indonesia - We invite you to join us for Power Southeast Asia Conference & Exhibition 2014 (Power SEA 2014), 26th-28th November, 2014.
More info »
POWER-GEN International
  09th - 11th December 2014
Orlando, USA - Throughout the years, POWER-GEN International has covered it all, providing a world stage for the innovations, ideas and solutions that have formed our industry for more than two decades.
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In Search of WADE Research Projects and Proposals
USA - WADE has a long history of helping public and private sector institutions around the world understand and realize Decentralized Energy (DE) benefits and opportunities through its tradition of thorough and comprehensive research. In addition to WADE's regular publications, reports and market studies, WADE has participated in successful projects, conferences and educational campaigns, working with a range of governments, national and international organisations. WADE's contribution to these projects includes:
  1. WADE Economic Model - computer modeling of the economic and environmental impacts of DE in a specified area
  2. DE Potential Analysis - assessment of the potential for developing DE in a specified area
  3. DE Policy Best Practice Review - international overview of policy mechanisms for DE
  4. DE Technology Status Review - overview of the performance and market-readiness of DE technologies
  5. DE Project Best Practice Case Studies - overview of successful DE case study projects worldwide relevant to a specified area
  6. Education and Outreach Programs focusing on DE, environment and economic efficiency
Are you aware of any opportunities where WADE can bring its expertise to bear? Please contact WADE and let us know how we can help your company or organization. 

Authors and Articles Needed for COSPP 
USA - WADE serves as consulting editor of Cogeneration and On-Site Power Production (COSPP) Magazine (see: http://www.cospp.com) and is in need of high-quality articles for publication. If you would like to contribute an article please email us your ideas to info@localpower.org. Publication in COSPP provides an outstanding global platform to disseminate your research and case studies. In addition, if you would like to help us secure a Perspective article from a global energy leader on relevant policy and regional market developments, that also would be of great interest. Don't forget, you can subscribe to COSPP at no charge by going to http://www.cospp.com.