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  • District Cooling World Summit 2016

    Singapore: The District Cooling market has undergone a significant transformation as part of the heighten demands on environmental initiatives from the government authority on the national and global level. With that being said, Asia has emerged as the biggest market for district cooling due to the vast infrastructure and commercial developments across Asia’s tropical countries for the past decades.  Nevertheless, there are several barriers to district cooling initiatives for example regulatory policy, lack of district cooling expertise and knowledge, deficiency in project funding opportunities and incentive schemes and etc which are vital to be addressed in order to further develop the industry.

    EQUIP GLOBAL’S LEADING DISTRICT COOLING SUMMIT SERIES BRINGING NEW WAVES ACROSS ASIA PACIFIC to discuss the pivotal needs in establishing district cooling business models and firm regulatory policies so as to improve district cooling operational efficiency through innovative district cooling system design

    Join Government Representatives, Ministry Officials, Developers & District Cooling Plant Operators at this Must-Attend District Cooling Summit on 25-28 July 2016 in Singapore!

    Reserve your seat today and take advantage of the 10% discounted rate extended especially to WADE members! Don’t miss your chance to be involved in District Cooling Summit 2016 and engage in-depth discussion on global strategies to further develop the industry, get first-hand updates and practical information on upcoming and on-going district cooling projects in order to benchmark the technical expertise and successfully drive a project to completion.

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