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  • EPA Carbon Rule Comment Deadline Extended

    Washington, DC - USA: Last week the EPA extended the time to submit public to comment on the carbon emissions rule aimed at existing power plants 30 percent by 2030 from 2005 levels. The Environmental Protection Agency's head of the Air and Radiation Office, Janet McCabe, said the agency would extend the comment period another 45 days. Stakeholders now have until December 1 to submit comments on the rule. The EPA started with a 120-day public comment period, which is twice the typical 60 days afforded federal regulation. The deadline was extended after a group of 53 senators and many industry stakeholders claimed that the extension was needed due to the "complexity and magnitude of the proposed rule”.

    With the comment extension now in place is becomes unclear if the EPA can still move forward with its goal of implementing the rule in June 2015, but McCabe stated that the EPA still has “plenty of time" to finish the rule and is "still working towards a June deadline.”

    This topic will be addressed at the WADE Annual Meeting and DistribuGen Conference. Members wishing to participate in the comment process are urged to contact pcauduro@localpower.org
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