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  • Ireland : Aurivo Unveils New Biomass Plant in Ballaghadereen, Ireland
    May 20, 2014
    Irish agri-business firm Aurivo has unveiled a new €5.25m biomass plant at its dairy ingredients facility in Ballaghadereen, Co Roscommon.

    The new plant is claimed to reduce the heavy fuel oil consumption at the company's Ballaghadereen by over 70% and its carbon emissions by 50%.

    With the new biomass plant, the company is expected to recoup the equivalent of its set up costs, in energy savings within a period of five years.

    Operational from May 2014, the plant will be developed into a major combined heat and power plant, and by 2016, Aurivo intends to sell energy onwards into the national electricity grid.
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  • Thailand : Siemens Hands over Wang Noi 4 Combined Cycle Power Plant
    May 19, 2014
    A consortium comprising of Siemens AG, Siemens Ltd. Thailand and the Japanese partner Marubeni has completed the Wang Noi 4 combined cycle power plant in Thailand on schedule.

    The Owner, the state-owned utility Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), took the power plant into commercial operation on April 7, 2014. The natural gas fired power plant features an efficiency of over 57.3 % with an electrical capacity of 770 megawatts (MW). This makes Wang Noi 4 one of the most modern power plants in Thailand and currently in all of South East Asia in terms of environmental compatibility and efficiency.

    Following Wang Noi 4, the Siemens and Marubeni consortium will be completing Chana 2 CCPP, a further two single-shaft unit in the summer of 2014. Power plants with Siemens turbine generator sets, including Chon Buri IPT, Chana 1 (previously known as Songkhla), Bang Pakong 5, and Glow are making a major contribution to environmentally friendly power generation in Thailand.
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  • USA : Key Step for Boston District Heating Project
    May 19, 2014
    eolia has put in place a key piece of what is one of the largest district heating systems in the United States, at a cost of $112m.

    The key element is a steel pipe, more than 1 mile long, that runs through Cambridge into Boston, carrying steam produced by Kendall Station, a natural-gas-fired power plant in Kendall Square. It is part of a 30-mile network of pipe running beneath Cambridge and Boston serving 240 customers, including 14 of Boston's high-rises, several well-known Cambridge biotechnology companies, and many of the area's major hospitals.

    Robert Thornton, president of the International District Energy Association, said he sees Veolia's project as part of a larger renaissance for the industry, which operates more than 700 district energy systems in the United States.
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  • Australia : Reforms Facilitating Cogeneration in Australia
    May 19, 2014
    Reform to the Australian energy market performed by the country's Energy Market Commission is set to benefit the cogeneration sector. Up until recently there have been many barriers to the proliferation of CHP technology, whether at government, business or industrial level however these barriers made the connection process uncertain, complex, time consuming, inefficient and costly.

    Climate Spectator reports that in 2011, a partnership between ClimateWorks, the Property Council of Australia and Seed Advisory began work to address these barriers and facilitate the greater deployment of co/trigeneration and other technologies. The result was a proposed set of improvements to the connection process for all embedded energy systems through features such as fixed timeframes and information being provided upfront. What this means in practice is that from October 1st, it will be cheaper and faster to connect co-generation, tri-generation and renewable energy to the electricity distribution grid in much of Australia. The new rule will apply to medium to large systems (over 5 MW) in NSW, South Australia, Victoria, Queensland and Tasmania. Until Queensland and Victoria move to the National Electricity Customer Framework, small embedded energy systems can also apply for connection under this process.
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  • Malaysia : Siemens Consortium Wins Petronas Contract to Build Co-generation Plant
    May 16, 2014
    Malaysia's state oil company Petroliam Nasional (Petronas) has awarded a consortium of Siemens, Siemens Malaysia and MMC Engineering Services a contract to build a co-generation plant in the state of Johor, it said on Friday.

    The combined heat and power plant is one of the six facilities in the pipeline within the Pengerang Integrated Complex (PIC) that involves up to a total of $11 billion of investment.
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  • USA : 90 MW of On-site Solar for US Army Bases
    May 16, 2014
    Three US Army bases are to run on on-site solar power.

    Utility Georgia Power has announced plans to build, own and operate three 30 MW solar photovoltaic (PV)installations at military bases Fort Stewart, Fort Benning and Fort Augusta, all in the southern state of Georgia. The facilities are scheduled for completion by end 2016 and are expected to be the largest on-site solar installations powering US military bases.
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  • USA : $12m Protective Funding for Vital CHP Unit at Staten Island Hospital
    May 16, 2014
    Staten Island University Hospital gets $12M FEMA boost from state for flood mitigation. The Federal Emergency Management Agency is set to award $12 million to Staten Island University Hospital (SIUH) towards funding for a flood mitigation project. SIUH, which is located in a flood plain, would use the funding to raise by 18 feet its cogeneration equipment, including boilers, electrical system, cooling towers and generators.
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  • United Kingdom(Great Britain) : Toyota Invests in $27 Million Energy Saving Project in Cambridge
    May 14, 2014
    Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada is investing $27 million in a cogeneration power system in its Cambridge plant that will significantly reduce its energy use and demand on the power grid.

    The combined heat and power project will be completed in 2015, the company said Wednesday.

    Toyota estimates the cogeneration project will reduce emissions and save enough energy to power more than 7,400 homes every year.
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  • United Kingdom(Great Britain) : EuroSite Power Working to Reduce Energy Costs with the NHS
    May 07, 2014
    On-Site Utility solution commissioned at Clifton Hospital

    Waltham,Massachusetts - EuroSite Power Inc., (OTCQB: EUSP) an On-Site Utility solutions provider, offering clean electricity, heat, hot water and cooling solutions to healthcare, hospitality, housing and leisure centres in the United Kingdom (UK) and Europe, is now operating a 100kW combined heat and power (CHP) system at Clifton Hospital, UK.
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  • Finland : Wrtsil and Energy Exemplar Release Paper on POWER SYSTEM OPTIMIZATION BY INCREASED FLEXIBILITY
    May 06, 2014
    This paper, written jointly by Wärtsilä and Energy Exemplar, explores the substantial system benefits of increased flexibility and improved dynamic dispatch capability. Specifically, the capacity of combustion engines to enable these qualities better than comparable state of the art gas turbine based plants is studied in the context of the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) power system.
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