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  • Australia : Capstone Turbine Secures Order to Upgrade Building in Sydney Central Business District
    January 13, 2015
    Capstone Turbine Corporation, the world's leading clean technology manufacturer of microturbine energy systems, announced today that it recently received an order for a C600 microturbine and a C800 microturbine to upgrade a major building in the Sydney Central Business District (CBD).

    Optimal Group, Capstone's Australian distributor, secured the order, which is scheduled to be installed in June 2015 and is the first of many similar systems Optimal plans to install in the Sydney CBD. 
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  • USA : Pacific Ethanol Goes with Cogeneration System at Californian Plant
    January 13, 2015
    $12 million is the estimated spend on a combined heat and power system set to be installed at an ethanol plant in Stockton, California.

    Pacific Ethanol Inc. made the investment announcement this week. The 3.5 MW CHP plant will provide electrical power and steam heat, while at the same time burning waste gases and reducing smog-producing emissions from the facility. The system, expected to be completed by mid-2016, will give the plant among the lowest air emissions in the ethanol industry, company officials said.
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  • Lithuania : Lithuanian District Heating to Help Reduce Energy Imports
    January 12, 2015
    Lithuania is in the process of constructing 60 biofuel plants, it hopes will help offset the need for future energy imports, particularly during deep-winter. 

    Lithuanian biofuel will generate two thirds of district heating volume, according to the Lithuanian District Heating Association (LETA/ELTA).

    The body estimates that for the 2015/16 heating season, boiler plants of heat supplying companies as well as combined heat and power plants will consume around 512,000 tonnes of oil equivalent (toe) of biofuel and 278,000 toe of gas. In 2013 they consumed 308,000 toe of biofuel and 634,000 toe of gas. 
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  • USA : Massachusetts Awards $18M for Microgrids, Energy Resiliency
    January 09, 2015
    Massachusetts awarded more than $18 million to thirteen projects across the state to enhance energy resiliency. The money will go to critical facilities for combined heat and power, battery storage and microgrids. 

    The town of Wayland will receive approximately $265,000 for advanced switches and islanding capability at the middle school, which would allow the school, which serves as a shelter in times of emergency, to rely less on diesel and more on solar PV when the power goes out. The project could add batteries in the future, which would allow it to function as an islandable microgrid.
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  • USA : Potential for CHP Deployment Examined in Each State
    January 08, 2015
    The American Council for an Energy Efficient-Economy (ACEEE) recently posted an interesting look at the CHP market by using a newly created CHP Favorability Index to roughly examine how favorable electricity and gas prices are to the future business case for CHP in a given state.

    In order to get a rough look at the degree to which prices influence the CHP market in a given state, ACEEE developed its index using publicly available data regarding CHP potential in each state issued by ICF International. Then, they used sector- and state-specific electricity and gas prices forecasted by EIA from 2016 to 2030 and operating characteristics of the potential CHP in each state. The data yielded an adjusted CHP potential that includes only those projects that remain cost-effective under future forecasts. ACEEE then went a few steps further by incorporating a policy favorability index that reveals how favorable the existing policy environment is for CHP in a given state.

    The end result, as documented by Meegan Kelly, ACEEE Research Analyst, is an index that offers a glimpse into the impact of market and policy favorability on the potential capacity for CHP installations in each state. 
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  • United Kingdom(Great Britain) : New Greenwich CHP Plant to Make London Tube 90% More Efficient
    January 08, 2015
    The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, launched a landmark development for the London Underground on Thursday with the announcement of a combined heat and power plant aimed at making the network more energy efficient.

    The new combined heat and power plant will channel waste heat into a brand new local heat network to supply hot water and heating for local buildings including schools and homes, and reducing utility bills for local residents. 
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  • United Kingdom(Great Britain) : ENER-G Create Smarter Electricity Grid for Future
    January 07, 2015

    A Salford-based energy specialist is at the forefront of a pioneering trial - which could save the UK £2.3 billion by 2050.

     The 'Respond Project' sees ENER-G aim to deliver a low carbon power supply through a smarter electricity grid.

    Starting this month and costing £5.5m in total, the three-year demonstration project received £4.5m of funding from energy regulator Ofgem. 
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  • USA : Tecogen Cogen System for NY Residential Building
    January 07, 2015
    A newly constructed 10-story building with 107 residential units in New York City's Hudson Yards will see a Tecogen CM-75 cogeneration unit installed in the luxury condominium. 

    'The new Hudson Yards residence will benefit from cogeneration's cost savings and environmental impact. The incorporation of cogeneration into building specifications is now a Standard of Practice for new construction.' said Robert Panora, President and COO of Tecogen. 
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  • South Korea : Siemens, POSCO Complete Ansan Combined Cycle Power Plant
    January 07, 2015
    Siemens and its partner South Korean POSCO Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd. (POSCO E&C), an affiliate of POSCO, one of the largest steel companies in the world, completed the Ansan combined cycle power plant in a record time of 24 months from groundbreaking to first commercial operation date (COD). It is the fourth Siemens H-class-based combined-cycle power plant in commercial operation in Asia with an efficiency level of more than 60 percent. In addition to generating electricity, the plant will also provide district heating for the inhabitants of the city of Ansan. Combined heat and power production raises the overall fuel utilization factor to over 75 percent. Its NOx emissions of 7 ppm are the lowest in Korea. This makes the plant one of the most efficient and eco-friendly fossil-fuel-fired electricity generating plants in South Korea. The owner and operator of the plant is S-Power, headquartered in Ansan. 
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  • Mexico : Capstone Turbine Secures Second Major Order in December As the Market in Mexico Heats Up -- Latest Order is Fourteen C1000s for Multiple Industrial CHP Projects
    January 06, 2015
    Capstone Turbine Corporation, the world's leading clean technology manufacturer of microturbine energy systems, announced today that it received another significant order from Mexico for fourteen C1000 microturbines for multiple CHP projects in Mexico.

    "This substantial order was received just weeks after we received the order for six C800 microturbines and sixteen C30 microturbines for the second phase of the Los Ramones pipeline project in Mexico," said Darren Jamison, President and Chief Executive Officer at Capstone Turbine. "These two orders combined total approximately $17 million and should make Mexico a top 5 market for calendar year 2015," added Jamison. 
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