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  • United Kingdom(Great Britain) : ENER-G CHP Reduces Carbon Footprint of Manchester's Historic Town Hall and Library
    July 26, 2015
    Two of Manchester's finest public buildings are generating their own low carbon energy supply via ENER-G combined heat and power (CHP) technology. As part of the multi-million pound refurbishment of the grade two-star listed Manchester Town Hall Extension and Central Library, main contractor Laing O' Rourke worked with local CHP specialist ENER-G, NG Bailey and BDP to design, develop and supply the energy efficient system. Alan Barlow, Managing Director of ENER-G Combined Power Ltd, said: 'As a local business we are pleased to help Manchester City Council deliver on its carbon reduction programme. The units are operating at around 90% efficiency, helping to create cleaner and affordable energy for the city. This project demonstrates the suitability of CHP for retrofit projects'.
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  • United Arab Emirates : Heat Pump Firm Wins Contract to Supply UK-First Solar Thermal Network
    July 26, 2015
    Glasgow-based Star Renewable Energy has won a £350,000 contract to supply heat pumps for a pioneering renewable energy scheme which will, for the first time in the UK, see solar thermal panels being used to power adistrict heating scheme.

    David Pearson, director of Star Renewable Energy, told the Sunday Herald that the demonstrator project - awarded a £1.3 million research grant from the Department of Energy and Climate Change earlier this month - would help prove that heat pumps can be used effectively with low carbon solar panels.
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  • Philippines : Philippine Petroleum Group Planning Biomass Cogen Units
    July 24, 2015
    Eastern Petroleum, based on the island of Luzon in the Philippines, is reportedly planning a series of biomass-fired cogeneration plants. A subsidiary of the company is planning some Php13 billion ($28.6 million) of investments to develop three projects on the islands of Visayas and Mindanao over the next five years.

    The first, a Php4.1 billion ($9 million) 23.5 MW biomass-fired plant in Agusan del Norte, is currently under development by Caraga Renewable Energy Corp. A planned roughly 18 MW cogeneration plant in Visayas will entail an investment of about Php5 billion whilst a further Php 4 billion will be spent on a 12-14 MW facility on Mindanao.
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  • Kazakhstan : BHEL Signs Three Agreements in Kazakhstan for Power Projects
    July 23, 2015
    In order to enhance its presence in the Central Asia and explore new business opportunities, BHEL has signed three strategic agreements with Kazakh companies during the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent visit to Kazakhstan. The first MoU was signed with JSC Samruk Energy, the national power utility of Kazakhstan having a major share in the Kazakh power sector. Both companies will work together on the projects of mutual interest.

    BHEL has also signed an MoU for comprehensive co-operation in the energy sector for design and construction of power plants and CHP (combined heat and power plants) with KUS, one of the largest utility companies in the Kazakh power sector operating in power generation; heat production; transmission; sale of heat and electricity, etc. KUS is owned by the Ordabassy Group, total assets of the group is estimated at more than $9 billion.
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  • Latvia : UPB Energy to Construct a EUR 30 Mio Biomass Power Plant in Latvia
    July 22, 2015
    Construction of biomass cogeneration station with the planned electric power of 3.98 MW and thermal power of 15.9 MW has been commenced at Ciecieres parish, Brocenu district (Latvia). Construction of the station, as well as supply and installation of technologies, will be provided by the SIA "UPB Energy". Client of the project is SIA "4 ENERGIA".
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  • Taiwan : GIB and Equitix Provide 15m Loan to Sheffield Biomass Plant
    July 21, 2015
    Green Investment Bank and Equitix Energy Efficiency Fund have provided £30m to support the construction of a 6.5 MW biomass plant.

    The Sheffield plant, which is billed as CHP ready, is expected to provide over 6.5 MW of power capacity, while also supplying heat to more than 6,700 homes and businesses in the local area.
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  • United Kingdom(Great Britain) : UK Government Removes Heat Metering Tool
    July 21, 2015
    The UK’s department for energy and climate change (DECC) has notified the heat sector of its decision to to suspend the the requirement for cost effectiveness tests for individual metering and removed the Heat Metering Viability Tool.

    The department posted the following notice on the webpage that hosts the district heat networks metering guidance and regulations (Heat Networks Metering and Billing: compliance and guidance - Detailed guidance - GOV.UK), on the back of the latest directive on the tool from the European Commission.

    "The European Commission is developing guidance on the application of cost effectiveness tests for heat metering, under the Energy Efficiency Directive. This means that the earlier DECC cost effectiveness tool will need to be revised. In most properties, the tool had indicated that individual heat meters will not be cost-effective. Therefore, pending the revision of the tool we are advising that no further assessments should be undertaken."
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  • USA : Capstone to Provide 1MW Microturbine to Kineticor Resource Corporation for Canadian Flare Gas Utilization
    July 20, 2015
    Capstone Turbine Corporation, the world's leading clean technology manufacturer of microturbine energy systems, announced today that it received an order for a C1000 microturbine to be installed at a power generation facility owned by Kineticor Resource Corporation, a Canadian energy services company focused on providing customized and reliable onsite power generation solutions for the resources sector. Kineticor builds, owns and operates power generation equipment that effectively converts associated gas to power.

    Capstone's distributor Horizon Power Systems secured the order, which is expected to be commissioned in October 2015. Capstone microturbines were chosen for fuel economics as well as their ability to effectively run on gas with high levels of hydrogen sulfide.
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  • United Kingdom(Great Britain) : Sheffield CHP Project Bags 29.6m
    July 17, 2015
    A combined heat and power (CHP) plant in Sheffield is receiving backing from the UK Green Investment Bank (GIB).It is investing £14.6 million in the project and an additional £15 million of private capital has been raise from Equitix Energy Efficiency Fund (EEEF). The EEEF is part of Energy Savings Investments (ESI), in which GIB is an investor. The CHP plant, which will be built in the Holbrook area by UYE (UK) Limited, will generate more than 6.5MW of green electricity.
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  • USA : Tecogen Receives Contract to Engineer Six Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Systems for NY School District
    July 16, 2015
    Tecogen® Inc. today announced the award of a contract to engineer construction of multiple CHP systems for a school district in Long Island, New York. The engineering project will consist of 14 Tecogen CHP modules applied to six schools. The contract was awarded after an initial feasibility study of each school in the district for energy savings and improved carbon footprint resulting from implementation of CHP technology.
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