High-Efficiency Cogeneration
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Solar photovoltaic panels
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Roof-top/local wind turbines
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Small-scale local hydro power
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Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles
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Mission Statement

Since 1997 WADE has been the leading global organization working to advance clean and efficient decentralized energy systems and polices in developed and developing countries. Through focused research, promotion and advocacy efforts, WADE has moved the needle on decentralized energy to the point where there is now a growing understanding and acceptance of the role that decentralized energy technologies can play as well as the economic and environmental advantages that can be realized from decentralized energy systems.

As policies friendly to decentralized energy have been enacted in the US and around the world, there is less need to provide basic education and awareness around decentralized energy. Therefore, WADE 2.0 has been launched with a pivot in mission to one much more focused on facilitating investment in actual projects and technologies and less driven by producing educational programs, studies and materials. That is not to say that WADE will be absent from the emerging energy dialogue, as we plan to continue to be the voice of the umbrella of decentralized energy technologies. However, the focus of WADE 2.0 will be to serve as the global clearinghouse where the best project and technology ideas intersect with capital providers that understand the benefits and risks of decentralized energy investments. We welcome you to this next chapter of the decentralized energy revolution.

Please stay tuned for further developments and register for our updated subscriber list as we will be looking for prospective leaders who want to get involved in the WADE 2.0 mission.

Featured Events

Event 1: (Online Course) Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreements
Commences: 3 August 2021

Event 2: Online Course) Public-Private Partnerships
Commences: 17 August 2021

Event 3: (Online Course) Mastering Clean Hydrogen
Commences: 17 August 2021

Event 4: (Online Course) Electric Vehicles & the Grid
Commences: 31 August 2021

Event 5: (Online Course) LNG: Supply, Demand, Pricing and Trading
Commences: 8 September 2021

Event 6: (Online Course) Power Purchase Agreement
Commences: 13 September 2021

Event 7: (Online Course) Energy Storage
Commences: 13 September 2021