WADE members become part of a global network of leaders in the field of decentralized energy and allows you and others from your organization to help establish WADE's agenda, message, policy positions and research priorities, and get involved in all areas of WADE's work. Join WADE and take advantage of the following opportunities and benefits:

1. Board and Committee Membership: WADE members are eligible to serve on all committees, the Board of Directors, and for appointment to other industry positions as a WADE representative. WADE members can also nominate individuals to serve on the WADE Advisory Board.

2. Market Intelligence: Members receive a host of information on markets, policies and developments tailored for those in the decentralized energy industry. This includes detailed market analyses and research reports, weekly updates, monthly updates and special alerts.

3. Country Chapters: Members have the opportunity to participate in country specific WADE member groups and help create new member groups in emerging markets.

4. Meetings and Conferences: WADE members receive reduced delegate fees and sponsorship rates, plus priority speaking opportunities, at WADE's international conferences and other events supported and endorsed by WADE.

5. Communications and Outreach: WADE is the voice of the decentralized energy industry, representing the interests of the sector and promoting the many benefits of decentralized energy at a wide range of international events and forums. WADE also works to advance laws, regulations, programs and policies that are favourable to greater investment in and deployment of decentralized energy technologies and systems. WADE serves as an advocate for decentralized energy and provides input to elected officials, regulators and other stakeholders. WADE also provides comments and filings in legal proceedings where critical policies are stake.

6. Public Relations: WADE works to educate stakeholders about the many benefits of decentralized energy using a wide range of communication media.

7. A membership certificate suitable for framing.

WADE Membership Categories

WADE offers differentiated membership rates based on the annual DE related turnover of the supporting member. The table below shows the annual membership rates for joining WADE. All figures in US dollars. Please note that WADE can only offer individual category membership to people who are not employed by a commercial organization.

Membership Category
Annual Membership fee
Turnover > $50 million
Turnover < $50 million
Turnover < $25 million
Energy user with energy spend > $50 million
Energy user with energy spend < $50 million
Non-profit organizations (Industrialized countries)
Non-profit organizations (Developing countries)
Consultants with turnover > $0.5 million
Consultants with turnover < $0.5 million

How to Apply for WADE Membership

To apply simply download the electronic application form below and return via email or fax.

Download application form for email.