Eric Guyer 

Dr. Guyer has worked for four decades as an engineer, inventor, entrepreneur, and author in the energy field. After attaining advanced engineering degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and then managing a group of research and consulting engineers at the Dynatech R/D Co in Cambridge, Massachusetts, he moved on to found Yankee Scientific, Inc. and Climate Energy, LLC. Now for nearly 25 years, Yankee Scientific has been a creative engineering and technical resource for energy systems for industry, government, and trade associations. Climate Energy, LLC, in partnership with Honda, created and commercialized America's first practical system for cogeneration of heat and electric power in the home. Along the way, he led a team of fifty technical experts to create the highly-regarded "Handbook of Applied Thermal Design", originally published by McGraw-Hill in 1988. Career milestones including winning the "R&D 100" Award, the Department of Army Quality Research Award, the Breakthrough Technology Award of Popular Science Magazine, and the first ever "Energy Star Emerging Technology Award" of the US Department of Environmental Protection. His work includes major undertakings for Fortune 500 companies, the Electric Power Research Institute, the Gas Research Institute, the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), and a number of consortia of gas and electric utility companies.

Dr. Guyer now focuses on moving new energy conversion and use technologies out of the laboratory and into the marketplace. He works to bring together advanced technical concepts with product designs and business plans that make sense for the very competitive energy market place. His interests and activities involve cogeneration, thermal processing in materials manufacture, combustion, fluid power machinery, natural gas transport and storage technologies, and heating and cooling of buildings. In his work, he places high value on understanding and applying the long history of energy innovation and the lessons that have been learned and too easily forgotten.

In his work with WADE, Dr. Guyer looks to help energy users and investors connect with the technical innovation and innovators that can offer practical and affordable solutions for reduced energy use at minimum environmental impact.