Dr. Kevin Rosner is a noted international expert on Russian oil and gas, energy security, and critical infrastructure protection. He has held posts with a number of international organizations including the OECD and UNESCO. Dr. Rosner has appeared regularly in the international print and television media including the BBC World's Fuelling the Future, CNBC's Global Players, Fox News, Bloomberg, the International Herald Tribune, Moscow Times, among others. He has authored several books including Russian Foreign Energy Policy: An Analytical Compendium, and is presently conducting research for his new book Russian Energy & the Art of War: How Energy is Changing Russia & The World Around It which will be published by Praeger Press, USA.

Kevin Rosner is a Senior Fellow with the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security in Washington, D.C. and has been appointed the Editor-In-Chief, The Journal of Energy & Security which will be launched on-line in September, 2008 ( In November 2007 IAGS launched the Atlantic Energy Security Initiative (AESI) at the UK Defence Academy ( . This initiative has received support from US European Command Dr. Rosner holds a PhD in Political Science from the Catholic University, Louvain La Neuve, Belgium with a specialization in the Russian petroleum industry.